Secret pancake recipe

Honestly, this recipe is a little treasure and I’m not lying if I say these are some of the best pancakes I ever ate. They can easily keep up with those hyped New York spots where you supposedly get the best pancakes in town.

Just look at these babies..

Banana Pancakes

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New York – Lower Eastside Food Hunting

As a New York newbie I pretty much wanted to discover the whole city at once. So where to start? We decided to go for Lower Eastside that seemed to be a more laid back and less crowded than Midtown. It was a good choice as it turned out because we had some good food spots in walking distance and could discover the city without being overwhelmed.

We stayed at the Ludlow Hotel with the perfect view of Manhattan’s skyline.


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Breakfast Inspiration

I kind of have a twisted relation-ship with breakfast. I completely neglect it within weekdays but love it on weekends. So on Saturdays and Sundays I trade a quick coffee and cereal for a proper meal that needs to cover breakfast as well as lunch (I’m not much of a morning person on a weekend). However, if you don’t want to leave the house in search for a great spot it somehow requires some thoughts and preparation. So here are some of my current favourite breakfast dishes.

Classic Eggs Benedict

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