Discovering Lake Como – Bellagio & Varenna

Italy is always worth a trip. And if you are as much into mountains and water as I am you definitely should visit lake Como. To avoid the crowds, we decided to go in October. Not the best choice if you want to go swimming or sunbathing but you can enjoy all nice spots without having to queue for ages. We rented a little apartment in Bellagio right at the centre of the lake.


We went by car and had to take a ferry to get to Bellagio. The sun was hiding behind a wall of clouds and it was a little misty but the atmosphere was really unique. The lake was relatively calm and we could discover the beautiful town by ourselves. However, we first took a look at our home for the week which was lying a little bit above on a little hill overlooking Bellagio.



It was a really nice and typically Italian apartment with a little garden to overlook, we found on To be honest it took us about 25 minutes to get to the city centre by feet but it was a nice walk (however the way back wasn’t that much fun as we had to go uphill again).

After checking in we started to explore the little town with its beautiful old houses, narrow streets and the unbeatable Italian charm.


After running through the whole town, we decided it was time for an aperitif. What’s so great about taking a drink in an Italian bar or restaurant is that they always serve nibbles with it. So we ordered ourselves some wine and aperol and had some nice olives and crisps with it. Just the right thing to get us into the mood for a proper pizza. We decided to go for “La Grotta” which soon became our favourite trattoria during our stay. The house wine wasn’t bad either.

The next day we took the ferry to Varenna which was one of the highlights of our trip. We decided to climb the hill up to the old castle. A steep climb would have been an understatement. At times, we felt the ned for a safety rope like professional climbers are using. Covered in sweat we finally made it to the top and needed some minutes to catch our breath again. But the view made up for the struggle.





Everywhere around the castle were ghostly sculptures made by an artist which really created a creepy atmosphere.


After exploring the rest of beautiful Varenna we made our way back to the ferry and back to Bellagio finishing the day with some self-cooked pasta and red wine. Couldn’t think of a better way to end a day full of new impressions.


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