Chasing Ghosts in Key West

I have to confess I never did something like this before, I swear. But unique places require unique discovery approaches, right?

It all started in Jupiter (Florida) where we decided to explore the southernmost point of the US, Key West. So we spontaneously booked a hotel room the night before we left, got in our rental car and drove the epic roads to Key West.


If you are into James Bond, you surely remember the Seven Mile Bridge you have to pass on the way. With a license to chill you can really enjoy the drive across the ocean – it’s an incredible experience after all. Connecting the island, the bridge is about 10km long.


We checked in our little boutique hotel in the middle of Key West. We had a room basically right at the street. That sounds weird but it actually was a nice one as the city is so relaxed and we had a little veranda perfectly suited for a drink and a cigar in the evening. So actually we can only recommend the Cypress Hotel which is right at the centre of Key West.



So after spreading our clothes across the room we did the most natural thing in the world – looking for a good drink. We found Sloppy Joe’s – a historic bar in the centre of Key West. Can’t be wrong if Hemingway hang out there all the time, right? It definitely was a good way to start our Key West experience.


After getting used to the chickens running around and overwhelmed by the astonishing architecture we decided to be a part of a daily island ritual – applauding the sunset. It sounds a bit weird I have to admit but it’s like a little party with different people celebrating the past day and the arrival of the night. The atmosphere is really unique – some kind of mixture between the pretty close Cuba, the Caribbean, Miami and Dixieland.




After the sunset we thought about celebrating the night and discovering Key West and decided to do something really weird. We signed up for a Key West Ghost Tour. Yes, a ghost tour – so far we didn’t know that Key West was one of the most haunted cities in the US but we soon should know why.

It sounds really crazy but it was quite a unique experience and as we wandered from house to house (or bar) we really learnt something about Key West’s partly odd history. The old houses with their verandas, plants and colourful paintings were just impressive for themselves but hearing about their weird history had something special.


Of course we didn’t see anything but hearing about freaky inhabitants like Carl von Cosel or Robert The Doll gave us the creeps and together with the relaxed, Caribbean atmosphere somehow made Key West unforgettably unique. I mean a doll capturing evil spirits and coming to live, a scientist preserving a young women after steeling her from her grave, a pub built around a tree that was used to hang people, a complete street haunted by ghosts (look up Eaton Street) …that gives you some stuff to think about.

A little disturbed and desperately longing for a drink we finished our tour and enjoyed the rest of the night under the living.

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