Breakfast Inspiration

I kind of have a twisted relation-ship with breakfast. I completely neglect it within weekdays but love it on weekends. So on Saturdays and Sundays I trade a quick coffee and cereal for a proper meal that needs to cover breakfast as well as lunch (I’m not much of a morning person on a weekend). However, if you don’t want to leave the house in search for a great spot it somehow requires some thoughts and preparation. So here are some of my current favourite breakfast dishes.

Classic Eggs Benedict

You can’t go wrong with it and if you don’t like ham, just take salmon instead and you have yourself some nice Eggs Royale. So all you need is muffins, spinach, spring onions, some nutmeg, eggs, ham or salmon and sauce hollandaise. To be honest we often use convenience products when it comes to hollandaise. Although self-made is always better, too much effort before having the first coffee isn’t what the weekend is for, is it?

Avocado stuffed with crawfish and tomatoes & cilantro


I guess easier isn’t possible. Just mix the crawfish with a little lime, cilantro and a few shopped tomatoes, add a piece of baguette and boom, you are ready to go.

Avocado baked with egg and feta cheese

Yep, another avocado recipe.. following the trend. But to be honest it is really quick, easy and delicious. You just need to put an egg in each avocado half (you may want to lose some egg white) and top it with feta cheese and/or anything else you like. Doesn’t take more than 10 minutes in the oven to be ready.

Buttermilk pancakes


Always good and pretty much liked by everyone as you can choose which topic you prefer (banana & nuts, blueberry, raspberry, bacon….oh definitely try the bacon and maple syrup version). Make sure to swap the milk with buttermilk as it helps the soda to react and makes the dough nicely fluffy. Here is a nice recipe.

Tomato & Chorizo with eggs and feta/mozzarella cheese

Perfect for a late breakfast. It’s basically roasting half a chorizo, adding a cup of tomatoes (cherry tomatoes in a can) as well as salt, chilli and cilantro (or basil if you prefer) and two eggs. After the egg has the desired texture you add the feta and a handful of cilantro or basil.

Gruyere & Mushroom with truffle

This is more of a fancy breakfast but you could also keep it simple without any truffle. You basically put the mushrooms in the pan, add thyme, salt and pepper and some cream. Put it in little moulds add an egg on top and the gruyere. After about 10 minutes (depending on the texture of the egg and the size of the mould) it should be ready to go. Add some truffle if you are in the mood for something fancy and some champagne if you want to go for it all.

This is work in progress – I’ll be out there looking for some new ideas!

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