City trip Edinburgh – Whisky Tasting

When it comes to choosing a city trip for a long weekend there are obvious choices like Paris, Amsterdam or London where you know you can’t go wrong with. Everyone knows about the beauty of Paris, the free spirit of Amsterdam or the creativity of London. Somehow Scotland’s little capital in the north is often forgotten – without any good reason.


Visiting Edinburgh has been one of the most surprising citytrips I ever had. I didn’t really know what to expect except bad weather conditions and whisky but the little town by the sea swept me off my feet. It’s not as big and loud as London, yet has its old spirits and a unique way of letting you feel you traveled back in time but similtaneously are able to enjoy all advantages of modern civilisation.

We stayed four nights in the Motel One in Princess Street. The location is really great as you have all landmarks and sights in walking distance – and it’s really affordable.

The moment we arrived we already felt the unique atmosphere of Edinburgh – all these old building made from dark stones, the glaring castle overlooking the city, the smell of history everywhere and the feeling that you’d get a good whisky around each corner.

After checking in we went outside trying to see as much as possible. So on our way to the Old Town we passed an old cemetery we just had to take a look at.


After reaching the beautiful old town we celebrated our first day in Edinburg with an appropriate Whisky dinner. Yes, we had a menu full of different kinds of Whisky. I won’t lie, we had some food sides as well – to be specific we had different kinds of cheese. I’ve been a little sceptical as I never tried it before. A nice piece of dark chocolate and a smoky Whisky, sure, but cheese…But I have to say it really worked well and is definitely worth trying. The smokier the whiskey gets the stronger the cheese should be.

We enjoyed Glenkinchie Distiller’s edition (43%, Lowlands), Old Pulteney 21 years (Highlands), The Macallan Ruby (43% Spreyside), Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition (43% Islay).

So basically one Whisky from each region (obviously each area in Scotland is famous for a specific method and taste). Starting with a softer Lowland’s whisky and ending up with a really smoky Islay whisky and a strong blue cheese.

If you are a newbie to whisky I’d go for the Glenkinchie, if you are a daredevil and nothing can sweep you off your feet, go for the Lagavulin.

If you ever go to Edinburgh, you should definitely try a whisky tasting. I can really recommend the restaurant at the Scotch Whisky Experience and if you don’t have enough time visit their shop – you’ll be blown away by their choices.

If you are planning to do a trip around Scotland – that’s on top of my list – you can find a map with all distilleries and details here.


After our little tasting we went straight to the next pub to wash down the blue cheese with some local beer. It seems like you cannot go wrong with the choice of a good pub in Edinburgh as they all look great and offer good stuff. Happily drunk we made our way back home to our hotel for a good night sleep, excited what the next day may bring.

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